Becky are good Supernatural fan and you may good Sam-partner


Becky are good Supernatural fan and you may good Sam-partner

Amelia Richardson [ ]

Sam and you can Amelia dated in 12 months Dean was trapped inside the Purgatory. They first found when Sam strike your pet dog and you can brought it to this lady infirmary. Amelia didn’t have an effective basic impact out-of Sam and recommended the guy use the puppy. They afterwards met once again whenever Sam is repairing the woman sink; she freaked-out to start with, considering Sam try stalking their. The two turned into loved ones, bonding along the death of their family, and finally become a relationship and decrease in love. Amelia and you will Sam gone in with her and you can she also put your to their dad, who was simply as an alternative cooler with the Sam initially, but eventually heated so you can your. Unfortuitously, Amelia found that the girl partner Wear had been live and you can, after studying one to Don are a beneficial child, Sam left this lady supply this lady a spin with your.

Regardless of this, Sam however had emotions on her and rushed returning to this lady whenever Dean scammed your with the considering she was in difficulties. So it strained their reference to Dean (which was, of course, fixed some time later), but he had been reunited having Amelia and had gender with her. Amelia decided you to she is prepared to exit their husband to own him, however, Sam ideal it take the time to believe they as a consequence of very first. It consented you to within a few days, anybody who is prepared to get into a relationship for the most other manage return to the newest hotel, whenever these people were both around, they might feel together; but not, she asked him to not see the woman once again if the he felt like to stay which have Dean and you may query, however, unfamiliar to help you your, Amelia selected him more than Don and you can went back to the hotel, and is troubled never to find your here.

Amy Pond [ ]

Amy and you will Sam met when they was basically teenagers. Sam saved Amy from a number of men, the 2 linked and Sam got 1st kiss along with her. He after found out one she try an effective kitsune, but let her follow she conserved their existence. Years later on, Sam noticed equivalent killings happening, and you will tracked Amy off. Immediately after the guy discover their, Amy advised Sam she was just killing on her child, Jacob. Believing her, Sam let her go, simply for Dean to kill this lady afterwards. This lady demise caused a short-term dispute anywhere between Sam and you will Dean, that has been afterwards resolved.

Annie Hawkins [ ]

Annie are a seeker, in her mid-thirties. She handled her own and had no friends. She was a pal regarding Bobby, Dean and you may Sam, together with in fact slept with each of these at certain minutes. It’s unfamiliar when such experience took place, even if Sam informed Dean one, in the circumstances, it was after they finished up on an incident together within enough time he had been soulless.

Becky Rosen [ ]

Sam has no one ideas having Becky, but the guy put up with the woman once they found. Both basic met in Empathy with the Demon, when Chuck delivered Becky to send an email. She quickly began coming in contact with Sam, making your extremely awkward. Becky continued going to with the Sam in Supernatural convention inside the The genuine Ghostbusters. She “broke up” which have him when she began matchmaking Chuck; Sam pretended getting hurt by it but was relieved. To help you his shock, Becky given all of them with its first real head on the Colt, which makes them satisfy Crowley. They fulfilled once again for the Seasons Eight citas asiame, Returning to a wedding!, early in that they got below a romance spell. Becky is small to show Sam regarding. Consuming the enchantment, Sam was totally in love with Becky, which produced the woman most pleased, but the enchantment at some point dressed in out of. Sam managed to get Becky to partner with him to avoid the fresh new Crossroad Devil Son and you may she conserved his lifestyle for the confrontation by the eliminating the brand new demon Jackson. Afterwards, Sam had an enthusiastic annulment of the relationships, but thought bad for the woman and you will informed her one to she would eventually find an individual who would like her on her behalf and you can indicated the lady on the Garth.


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