New ______ indicates the brand new funds in addition to ______ authorizes expenditures and identifies just how incomes is acquired


New ______ indicates the brand new funds in addition to ______ authorizes expenditures and identifies just how incomes is acquired

5. Of the have a tendency to drafting appropriations acts as narrowly you could, Congress attempts to good. prompt certain strategies regarding the personal markets. b. nullify the latest president’s power to administer particular federal apps. c. treat bureaucratic red tape. d. reduce the possibility the president usually exercise the legal right to impound.

6. ______ revolutionized the new federal budget process and enhanced presidential electricity. an excellent. The fresh new Impoundment Control Act b. Brand new Hatch Act c. The new Budget and you can Bookkeeping Act d. Government entities Overall performance and you will Overall performance Operate

7. Top-off budgeting differs from base-up cost management in that the former a good. examines the picture as a whole. b. emphasizes incrementalism. c. concentrates on how big is per agency’s little bit of the complete than the what other providers receive. d. concentrates on alter rather than the whole finances simultaneously.

8. Management by the objectives and zero-feet budgeting are an effective. ways to change incrementalism. b. finances appropriations strategies. c. methods of broadening legislative fuel. d. variety of legislative agreement.

9. Ahead of 1921, ______ offered the key management during the federal funds process. a beneficial. brand new judiciary b. this new president c. Congress d. firms

10. Starting good biennial finances and you will enacting a healthy-budget constitutional amendment a good. had been processes used to reform the brand new funds techniques. b. try potential choices to have reforming the latest budgetary processes. c. was ignored from the academics once the naive details. d. was in fact ignored by the Congress because the naive info.

twelve. New Government Put aside protects the money also have, an obligation labeled as apensatory business economics. b. fiscal policy. c. financial plan. d. zero-foot budgeting.

thirteen. This new express of the federal budget that Congress additionally the president can also be conveniently alter (control) in just about any provided seasons ran from 66 per cent during the 1965 in order to ______ per cent in 2009. good. 78 b. 18 c. 35 d. 58

fourteen. A beneficial congressional ______ commits money getting spending, and you can congressional ___ create programs and put limits on the sum of money you to is invested. a beneficial. surplus; deficits b. authorization; appropriations c. monetary policy; financial rules d. appropriation; authorizations

fifteen. Congress generally uses legislative control and ______ in order to hold-back administrator discretion. a good. constraints into the exec impoundment b. unmanageable expenses c. a black finances d. line-items vetoes

18. The bigger the fresh government deficit, the greater of your own federal funds must be faithful just to paying interest. an effective. Genuine

20. The brand new Impoundment Control Operate was created to avoid the disgusting punishment away from impoundment authority by the Chairman George W. Bush.

The newest flow of cash on bureaucracy will bring a hack having managing the implementation of regulators apps

22. The latest happn mobile site federal finances is like state and you will regional costs that have a similar level of information in order to sustain deficits and exact same number of fiscal authority that condition and you can regional governments would. an effective. Real b. Untrue

1. In lieu of old-fashioned public management and that concerned about ______ given that equipment off research, execution studies work on___________. an effective. bureaus; team and you may employers b. agencies; apps therefore the show they produce c. resources; partial preemption and you will efficiency d. regulations; budgets because they compare with the non-public market

step three. All the following circumstances can also be hamper winning implementation But a good. backwards mapping. b. standard suspicion. c. ineffective information. d. uneven leadership.

The fresh classic matter-of basic cost management: “On which base shall it is decided to spend some x bucks so you’re able to hobby A good in place of pastime B?

cuatro. All after the fall under the category out of business dilemmas one to influenced system success Except an effective. offering a largely solution agency regulatory duties. b. give mapping. c. relegating an application to help you an unsympathetic institution. d. dividing relevant programs certainly different enterprises.


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